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# Dated 15 Oct 2016
What Is the Field of Mechanical Engineering Design?
Design is one of the many fields in mechanical engineering. As the people who draft plans for new devices and mechanical systems, mechanical engineers in the design field have many responsibilities and career options
Mechanical engineers who work in the design field use computer-aided design (CAD) tools to draft their designs. Computers enable mechanical engineers to analyze their designs from every angle by rotating them on the screen. Mechanical engineers can even simulate the effects of various conditions on the objects they design and change the designs as needed, according to California's Employment Development Department.
Mechanical engineers who work in the design field work with a variety of people on each project. Design engineers must possess skills like leadership, effective communication, creativity, along with the ability to work as part of a team.
Students who are earning their degree in mechanical engineering and would like to work in the design field should take classes like:
Design for manufacturing
Mechanical engineering design
Power plant design
Computer-aided design

Bike Design Using - Computer-aided design
Bike Design Using Cadd
Bike design using cad

Base – 1640 mm
Rake – 36.5°
Trail – 133 mm
Clearance – 90 mm
Seat height – 580 mm
Rear tyre – 140/90-15
Front tyre – 90/90-21

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